The transportation of food has a special position in the national and international transport sector. The associated hygiene requirements present special challenges not only to the employees but especially to the vehicle fleet in order to comply with all legal regulations on one hand and to meet the specific requirements of the clients on the other hand.

We provide our clients a high quality vehicle fleet fitted with the latest technology so that we can optimally react to these multifaceted requirements and guarantee the safe and reliable handling of all transportation jobs. This includes the latest semi-trailer tractors and tank trucks with comprehensive and high quality fittings. We will gladly develop specific solutions together with you. Contact us. We offer you individual transport services to suit your needs.
Specific client requirements and the hygiene standards present special challenges to employees, materials and technical equipment.
The use of modern technology and qualified personnel is the prerequisite to meet these requirements.



Fahrzeugflotte - Furhpark - Spedition Roth

Ansicht Auflieger - Fahrzeugflotte

Großansicht der Fahrzeugflotte Roth


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