Liquid foodstuff

By using fully insulated tank trailers, we cover a wide spectrum of liquid foodstuff and animal feed. On one hand, chilled food can be transported and it is permanently kept chilled due to the insulation of the chambers. It is then delivered to the end customer at the required temperature. Moreover, temperature-dependent products which need to be at a constant high temperature during transit can be transported reliably. This is possible by means of an integrated heating system as well as fully insulated outlets and heated electric pumps. Fruit and vegetable juices and their concentrates, vegetable oils and raffinates, dairy products, liquid sugar as well as chocolate products in the raw and finished state for instance cocoa butter or cacao mass are transported by us expertly and with the maximum possible safety.

Flüssiglebensmittel - Säfte

Flüssiglebensmittel - Öle und Schokolade


Liquid foodstuff according to ADR

Under ADR, we transport goods which fall under classes 3 and 8 for our clients such as pure alcohol (ethanol), spirits, liquor, other alcoholic drinks as well as acetic acid. We develop suitable solutions for you in order to transport your products economically with the maximum possible reliability and flexibility.

Flüssiglebensmittel - Spirituosen


Animal feed

Due to our many years of experience combined with our certification as per GMP+B4, we can offer you comparable customised transport solutions for animal feed. Animal feed is a by-product obtained during the production of sugar or processing of grain. It is also a residual product obtained during the processing of dairy products.




Our resources and experience enable us to cover the complete product spectrum of food, semi-luxury food and animal feed industry