Our tank trailers are all made of stainless steel and are fully insulated. Chilled liquids as well as temperature-dependent liquids whose temperature requires to be constantly high can be transported in isotherm tank trailers. We guarantee this by means of an integrated heating system.
Moreover, these products must be loaded, transported and offloaded in a partly sterile or low-germ state. Our tank trailers are fitted with comprehensive piping with special filters which keep the inflowing air free of germs.

Tank trailer equipment details:

Single and multiple chamber tank trailers with up to four chambers and separate, fully insulated DIN 100 drain pipes as well as a stainless steel collector
Pressure tank with a non-return valve, gas pendulum, manometer and pressure relief valve for discharging compressed air
Sterile filtration system
Frequency-controlled electric pumps
Compressor for discharging compressed air
Sealable openings for stainless steel pipes with foodstuff hoses
Electric adaptor
Disinfection tanks with all the necessary fittings
Reducers and sample-taking taps, lockable control cabinet made of stainless steel
Load monitoring with GPS via telematics
Partial ADR provision for transportation of class 3 and 8 food and semi-luxury food classified as hazardous material

Roth Tankfahrzeug mit Auflieger vor Silos

Großaufnahme Tank / Auflieger für hinter Zugmaschine

Mehrere Tankauflieger für Transport flüssiger Lebensmittel


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